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Køge Earthdepot is managing the
huge expansions of the Port of Køge


Køge Jorddepot is developing and expanding Port of Køge. Approximately 4 million qubic meters of earth will be spread on an area measuring roughly 47,5 ha. Naturally, this takes time and is also dependent on the flow of dirt from the different construction sites and the degree of pollution.

The different expansion projects are visualized through this illustration:


North Mole (Yellow line)

We are building a mole made from stone measuring 925 m with a pier head as a part of expanding the harbour space towards the sea. The expansion of the space is happening through an earth depot measuring roughly 40 ha on the North Sea territory and east of the present harbour facilities. All in all we are building 2.3 km of new mole. The outer moles, which the north mole is a part of, will be moved out to sea to make way for a new harbour pool, which is approximately 950 m long and 200-300 m wide.

Start: April 2014

Expected deadline: April 2015

South port

We are establishing a construction site for heavy blocks of concrete and steel, which are being used on the south pier.

Start: May 2014

Expected deadline: March 2016

South Mole (Fed rød streg)

We are establishing a mole made from stone measuring 950 m with a pier head, where there will be access for the public who would like to take a walk on the mole. The path on the mole will be built using the large blocks of concrete and steel that we are fabricating on the Søndre Havn/South part of the Port.

The south mole will also be connected to a height-adjustable mole and we will make a tunnel for sailing through the mole.

Start: January 2015

Expected deadline: May 2016

Connecting north mole (Blå streg)

We are establishing a connecting mole in rock measuring 200 m’s, which will be located where the ships sail in the harbour.

Start: January 2015

Expected deadline: June 2016

Unitterminal (Svag rød streg)We are also planning to build a unit terminal measuring 25 ha, which we expect should be done around 2017. The terminal will mainly handle ro-ro-traffic with an element of container support.

Establishing the unit terminal is done in the following phases:

  • Deepning the ”Unitterminal-basin”The Unitterminal-basin will be deepened to 9.5 m, where the normal port basin has around 8 m’s of depth.

Start: June 2016

Expected deadline: December 2017

  • Building materials for ”Unitterminal”

Start: August 2016

Expected deadline: December 2017

  • Sheet pile wall for Unitterminal

Opstart: April 2017

Forventes færdig: December 2017