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Port Expansion

In 2022 Port of Køge will be one of the
biggest in Denmark measured in square meters.


In terms of goods turnover, Port of Køge is one of Denmark’s largest harbours.

However, Køge has greater aspirations and plans to double the size of Port of Køge between 2007 and 2017, which will be the largest construction project Køge has ever seen.

The project involves expanding Port of Køge by adding 2,300 metres of new wharf space, a water depth of 9.5 m, and a new 47,5 hectare site for commercial activities plus a unitterminal measuring 25 ha if the VVM-report is approved. A total expansion of 725.000 m².

The expansion will allow Port of Køge to receive ships up to 200 m LOA and 30 m wide. This is double the existing ship size capacity – and will allow Port of Køge to double its goods turnover.

The expansions of Port of Køge began in 2007 with Køge Jorddepot (Køge Earthdeposit). Through deposits of both clean and slightly polluted earth from construction sites around Zealand the organisation will create more harbour space.

Køge Jorddepot is open for business and trucks containing earth and other types of construction material can be deposited there:

Contact information: Køge Jorddepot

The project is being carried out as a partnering project with Aarsleff A/S as entrepreneurs and Grontmij as advisors. The project will be carried out in stages. All the expansions of Port of Køge are expected to terminate in 2022.