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City Planning

City Planning

Port of Køge has released 10 ha of land
and 600 wharf meters to the Køge Kyst project.

Another part of the expansion project is to build recreational spaces around the Marina of Køge. The north beach of Køge, which opened for the public in 2014, is a good example. If you turn your binoculars south towards the South Port a large project is also under development. Port of Køge has released 100.000 m2 of land and 600 wharf meters to this project called Køge Kyst (The coastline of Køge).

The expansion of the port and the development of the city are very entangled and interdependent. As the companies formerly situated on the south part of the harbour, move to the newly constructed harbour area, they are creating new space for the development of the city.

One of the turning points of the municipality of Køge has been to create a sustainable city development simultaneously with the expansion of the port of Køge.

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