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The future Port of Køge


The future Port of Køge


The future can be hard to predict but one thing is certain: Port of Køge will get a lot more to do in the coming years.

The development of Port of Køge has been steady for a lot of years but it’s been speeding up the last 10 years. The collaboration between Skandinavisk Transport Center and the big new constructions has meant a strong growth within the activities of the harbour. At the same time Køge has also become a harbour for ferries and is currently experiencing lots of activity on both incoming passengers and freight.

In the next 8 – 12 years we will experience developments on the existing harbour and the large expansions of the port through the establishment of Køge Earthdepot.

Simultaneously there’s a large city development happening on the south side of the port. In the future the whole area will change from being part of the industrial harbour to an area with a great selection of homes, businesses and cultural happenings.

The area around Køge containing Skandinavisk Transport Center and the new areas on the port have experienced a great deal of change – and we wish to continue the positive development. We want to continue to develop and improve the infrastructure on and around the harbour, so we can offer more capacity and better services for our costumers and the people of Køge municipality.

Together with the development of the port areas in the coming years, we wish to expand our capacity on the harbour related companies and suppliers, so that our customers and partners will have their needs optimally fulfilled – even in the future.