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Storage and trade

Storage and trade

Traders choose Køge Port
because the location is ideal

Much of the growth seen at STC and Port of Køge is due to warehousing services. A number of our clients are large logistics and trading companies which provide various types of warehousing services.

Warehouses on Port of Køge

Short delivery times and minimum warehouse costs appear to be conflicting requirements. This may be why more and more companies are choosing to use third-party warehousing services.

Contact one of the companies, who offer warehouse solutions:

Holship Danmark A/S

Trading companies

More and more trading companies are choosing Port of Køge because the location and warehouse facilities are ideal. When you add to this an excellent infrastructure, good facilities, and efficient Port operations, it is not hard to understand the growth in the number of trading companies at Køge Harbour.

Contact Port of Køge for more information regarding the trading companies on phone number: +45 56 64 62 60