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The work force on the port
manage all types of tasks

The word stevedoring comes from the Spanish word estivor – which means a casual worker and was the original name for those called in to help load and unload ships…

Port of Køge is a competent supplier of all types of goods management and stevedoring services, and a number of companies at the port also provide solutions in this area.

The port workforce is made up of skilled and experienced people, who perform all types of goods management, such as stevedoring, storage activities, loading/unloading containers, and lashing, etc. This work can be done at any time of day or night, and at short notice.

 Port equipment includes:

  •  Three mobile cranes (hook and grab) –
    • Fantuzzi Regiane 65: can lift up to 40 tonnes and has a reach of 30 m and is of the the world’s largest hydraulic mobile cranes, a
    • Liebherr LH120: with a 22 m long arm and a raisable cabin that allows the driver to look into the ship’s cargo hold.
    • Sennebogen 85: with an adjustable cabine for the driver
  • Lifting yoke for 20 and 40-foot containers.
  • Loading/unloading capacity: up to 600 tonnes an hour for bulk goods.
  • Weighbridges with a capacity up to 60 tonnes.
  • Conveyor belt for loading grain with a capacity of 300 tonnes per hour.
  • Forklifts with lifting capacities from two to 30 tonnes.
  • Tugmaster with a capacity of 30 tonnes.

 The port also has a number of Mafi trailers, front loaders, bob cats, etc., at its disposal.

 Trucks, mobile cranes and all kinds of construction machinery are also available in the local area, and can be obtained via an efficient network at short notice.