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Shipping & goods-forwarding

Port of Køge houses a broad range of shipping agents with extensive experience with all types of shipping activities – from traditional shipbroking to complete logistical solutions.

All shipping companies linked to Port of Køge are experienced and very familiar with the port facilities and local suppliers.


  • Full service shipbroking.
  • Line agency, including booking, documents, communication and EDI.
  • Ship chartering for all types of transport.
  • Goods-forwarding, including customs clearance and shipping by land, air or sea.
  • Stevedoring, including loading, unloading, goods handling and warehouse activities.
  • Complete door-to-door transport solutions, multimodal conveyance and transport enterprise.
  • Logistical solutions involving transport, transhipment, storage and distribution.

Goods-forwarding on Port of Køge

A number of companies at the port provide various forms of goods forwarding – from customs clearance, to transport solutions, warehousing services and total solutions.

List of companies which handle shipping and goods-forwarding on Port of Køge

Baltic Shipping Company A/S
Blue Water Shipping A/S
Holship Danmark A/S
Wind Shipping ApS