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Habour crane rules

  • The port of Køge is in possession of three cranes.

    • Fantuzzi Reggiane HMC65, which is our biggest crane on the harbour and has been named ”Bossen” (”The Boss”).
    • LIEBHERR LH120, which we call ”Giraffen”(”The Giraf”), due to its long neck and yellow colour
    • And our newest addition: A ”Sennebogen 850”, which we call ”Øglen”(”The reptile”).

    The cranes are only offered for work concerning the actual maritime traffic. The cranes can be ’borrowed’ for other types of work, if the work poses no conflict with the maritime traffic. The cranes can only lift horizontally and they cannot carry loads along the wharf.

    For questions regarding the habour cranes contact The Port of Køge on telephone +45 56 64 62 60