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General and bulk cargo

Port of Køge is handling all types
of general goods and goods in bulk


Port of Køge has good facilities for handling all types of bulk goods. We have extensive experience in handling grain, fertilizer, chemicals, salt, sand, iron and metal waste, timber, wood pellets and similar goods.

The port has invested in three very modern port cranes for use with bulk goods and containers: the first can lift up to 40 tonnes and has a reach of 30 m, the second is one of the world’s largest hydraulic mobile cranes, a Liebherr, with a 22 m long arm and a raisable cabin that allows the driver to look into the ship’s cargo hold.

Last but not least, the port has invested in a “Sennebogen 850” crane in the summer of 2014.

Read more about our cranes and the regulatory for their use.


With its location in Køge Bay, making it a natural gateway between producers and purchasers throughout the Baltic region, the Port of Køge has always had a high turnover of bulk goods.

The Port of Køge offers loading, unloading and storage facilities for various types of liquid bulk goods, such as oil, gas, chemicals, bitumen, etc. The south side of the port has wharves and a pipeline for liquid bulk goods.

Coal, grain, fertilizer, sand, stone, salt, steel, timber and many other types of bulk goods arrive in Port of Køge for transhipping. With a depth of seven metres well into the inner harbor, Port of Køge can receive very large ships.

Port of Køge has modern loading and unloading equipment, with various cranes and closed systems, silos, warehouses and a number of other facilities, making it easy to handle bulk goods.