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Areas of the Port of Køge

The first company has moved
in to the new area

The current expansion of the Port of Køge is following the time schedule and in 2022 the harbor will be fully developed and expanded. At that time the Port of Køge will be the biggest habour measured in square feet in Denmark.

The port of Køge is very satisfied with the increasing and at times hectic level of activity. This is a requirement for the expansion of the harbor. We are experiencing a large demand from companies that want to place their business on the habour, but it will be a few years a before we can accommodate additional companies.

Because of this we are pushing the developments of the new areas of the harbor as fast as we can. We are currently in progress with filling up 650.000 m2 of new land, and we’ve also started building the northern part of the new outer wharf.

Already in the end of 2014 we expect that the land will be ready, so the first company can move to the south part of the newly established land/harbor-area. On the southern part of the harbor, we are making room for a project that will develop the City of Køge. This project is managed by Køge Kyst (the Coast of Køge).

In addition to these developments, the ministry of traffic has given their final approvment for the expansion of the port of Køge, which consists of a southern and northern wharf, connecting warfs, a unitterminal and a deepening of the harbor pool to 9.5 meters depth.