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Ship waste management

Ship waste management

The port has an effective and
environmental waste mangement system

By establishing effective ship waste management solutions, the Port of Køge wishes to develop a positive environmental effect by responsibly managing the docking ships operational and cargo waste. The aim is to smoothen the task for the ships that dock in the Port of Køge. This can be a contribution to lower the contamination of the sea environment. The Port of Køge has a ship waste management program in the following categories:

Annex I – Oil Waste

All types of oil waste deriving from transport of oil, like fuel, by products of engines, tanks and dirty bilge water.

Annex II – Chemicals

Remains and mixtures of liquid chemicals, transported in bulk.

Annex III – Damaging substances

Damaging drugs transported in cargo-shape.

Annex IV – Wastewater

Waste water and other types of waste from any and all types of toilets, washing facilities and drainage from hospital facilities and places where there are live animals and other types of wastewater.

Annex V – Garbage from operations

Normal types of garbage, which has been produced as a natural part of the operations of the ship. Cannot contain: Batteries, asbestos, electronics, refrigerators, light bulbs, oil and chemical waste.

For questions on ship waste management contact The Port of Køge on telephone +45 56 64 62 60

You can download documentation on ship waste management for the Port of Køge here:

Waste Form 2014

Documents in Danish:

Garbage type: Affaldsordning 2014

Garbage handling: Modtageordning 2014

Complaints: Klage formular 2014