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ISPS and Security

The International Ship and Port
Facility Security Code

Port Authority
STC / Køge Havn
Baltic Kaj 1, DK-4600 Køge, Denmark
24 hours telephone service
+45 56 64 62 60
Only listening on channel 16 during office hours.
Please phone for conversation
Port Security Officer(PSO)
Susanne Thilqvist
Quay NumberFacility NumberFacility name
9-18DKKOG 0001Gammel Terminal
22-28DKKOG 0002Syd Terminal
39, 46-48DKKOG 0025Center Terminal
40DKKOG 0004Baltic Terminal
49-76DKKOG 0037Nord

Maritime safety of harbours and harbour facilities are a condition that assures that Danish ships and harbours can be a part of the international sea transportation chain.

The rules concerning the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) were negotiated within the international sea transport organisation IMO after the terrorist attacks in the United States of America in September 2001.

The EU has made the rules binding for the all membership countries. The aim with the international rules on maritime security is deployed through a number of different regulations that safeguard the international maritime traffic against unlawful actions. The rules condition that there has to be control with the access to and surveillance of the safeguarded facilities of the harbour.

There are no minimum standards of the rules – and the harbours themselves can determine their level of involvement.

ID requirements

Suspicious personnel on the harbour area will be confronted and ID will be requested, to ensure legal rights for accessing the area. If a person refuses to identify him/herself, the police will be contacted and the person will be under surveillance until their revival.