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Freight statistics

Freight statistics

The port of Køge unloaded
1.9 mio. tons of goods in 2015

The Port of Køge’s freight statistics gives you an in-depth look at the quantities of freight in relation to the type of freight, which is being unloaded on the harbour. The statistics give a picture of the general development of the harbour over several years and with numbers pr. type of goods. For more details on the freight statistics from Danish harbours, go to the website of the Danish Statistics.

Freight revenue

Goods (1.000 tons)

Packaged goods-oli-inflammable substances-goods37323338
Bulk goods-corn-animal food-fertiliser-water. chemicals-fuel-tree-garbage464464619611
Stone-gravel-break stones-crayon-earh-low-priced goods548585582539
Ferry- and container goods645685688730
Bio fuel-energy wood444800